2016 Movie-A-Day #38: We Could Be King



Today’s Movie-A-Day is inspired by the Super Bowl and features the documentary We Could Be King, about a Philadelphia high school football program forced to merge with a rival school.

2016 Movie-A-Day #37: The Beautiful Game



Paul Netflix and reviews… ugh that doesn’t sound catchy at all. Anyway, he continues the Movie-A-Day challenge with The Beautiful Game, a documentary on football (or soccer, ya American!) and the effect it has on the people of Africa.

2016 Movie-A-Day #35: Freaks of Nature



Zombies, Vampires, Aliens… Throw ’em all in a blender with The Breakfast Club and you get Freaks of Nature, a genre-bending film that Paul chose for his Movie-A-Day challenge.

The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #200: The Best (And Worst) of 2015



The big 200 is here, folks! Cody and Paul are joined by Ikaika Shiveley, and they all countdown their top 10 of 2015, as well as some big surprises, disappointments, and the absolute worst films they saw. You can check out more of Ikaika’s musings about movies at his college newspaper, Kaleo.org.

2016 Movie-A-Day: Side By Side



Movie-A-Day continues into February with Side By Side, a documentary about the introduction of digital cameras into mainstream movies. It goes over the pros and cons of film vs. digital, as well as interviewing some of the heavy hitters of Hollywood for their opinions.