How Captain America: The Winter Soldier Impacts Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Warning: Some spoilers from Captain America: The Winter Soldier… More info after the jump.

While I haven’t been keeping up with A.O.S., this might be just the catalyst I have been looking for to try and jump back into it. The show was definitely not the hit that we anticipated, nor was it a critical success. The idea of an intertwined world where what happens in the movies and television show would all be in a cohesive unit sounded like a kind of fanboy wet dream. It would be like reading an Iron Man comic and having it say “continued in Avengers #123” at the end. Separate stories, separate characters, but one world. Is it time to give Agents of Shield another shot? Will it be more than blatant references in the form of little quips? Will I ever have the energy to separate all the letters of Shield with punctuation ever again? One thing is for sure; those are all questions. Here’s what Marvel had to say about it.


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