Star Wars: Episode VII to return to Tatooine

Episode VII has begun filming in Morocco, and The Hollywood Reporter is breaking the news that Tatooine is being recreated there. What could this mean for the Star Wars universe? Maybe Leia and Han have been raising their children on the desert planet in the 30 years that have taken place since Return of the Jedi. It is also possible that Luke is living there alone, much like Obi-Wan in A New Hope. All of our heroes could be living their together or not at all… much like all information of this new installment, the details are vague. The cast, the  story, and further locations of Episode VII are still mostly a mystery; but in the modern age where every spoiler is spilled out in great detail, it is refreshing to have an air of mystery around a film with as much anticipation surrounding it as this one has.

As far as the original Tatooine in Tunisia, they need your help to preserve it. Original sets from Star Wars still stand in the Tunisian desert, and are in danger of being swallowed up by sand storms. Contribute to their IndieGogo drive, and save Mos Espa!

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