Bad Neighbors – Workaholics Mash-Up Promo

We’ve seen the Red Band, theatrical, and teaser trailers for Bad Neighbors, but this newest promo cross-promotes the television show Workaholics with the film. Granted, it is a comedy film, and not something that would need a viral marketing campaign in the vein of how X-Men: Days of Future Past has with the alternate history videos. What it does do though, is pretty smart. It is just a funny video. People will show their friends, share it on social media, etc. Make a funny video, relate to an existing audience (fans of Workaholics), and put it out there for the world to see. That Awkward Moment was not exactly a cash-grab, so in an effort to try and get more of the raunchy comedy audience to accept Zac Efron, I think it works. I hope more comedies follow suit with this formula. It is a simple idea, but with the correct execution can be a fun way to promote a film. Just make it funny, and people will watch.


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