X-Men: Days of Future Past Review


      With Comic movies being released at an all-time high, does the next installment fall to the same fate as X-Men 3 or have we been gifted with the best X-Men film yet? Hit the Jump to find out.


       It’s amazing to think 14 years has passed since the original X-Men made its way into theaters. The film is not only regarded as the one the the best of the franchise, but the film that set course for the massive wave of comic book movies. Since its initial release, the franchise has had its masterpieces as well as its fair share of stinkers. With the announcement of “X-Men:Days of Future Past”, most comic fans became extremely excited, as well as terrified. Would the inclusion of both the original and newer cast be an overkill, or has the return of Brian Singer resulted in a film that will become the new standard? I’m just going to flat out state it now, “This film is amazing.”

        Before heading into theaters, the film had skepticism that equaled the hype of the film. The biggest worry of the film may have been the inclusion of Peter Maximoff aka Quicksilver. When we first got to lay eyes on him through the one of many covers of Empire magazine, fans hated the costume design. The Pink Floyd rock tee was forgivable, but the combination of a jacket resembling duct tape, chrome colored hair, and Amelia Earhart goggles looked atrocious. That being said, all is forgotten when Quicksilver is onscreen. Its a shame that we saw very little of him, but the scenes that we did were among the films best. Evan Peters’ performance will be a one to top for future X-Men films, as he not only stole every scene with his comedic talent, but also had one of the most comically accurate and epic moment in superhero film history. I am talking about the scene where he apprehends the guards, after freeing Magneto. The special effects were top notch, as every audience member had their eyes glued to the screen in attempt to predict what would happen next. 

       The rest of the cast was also great. It was awesome to see the original cast reprising their roles, especially since its been about 8 years. Whether new or older cast members, each character had an arch that helped with the flow of the film. It would take too long to dissect each role, but take my word for it, they all did their part to make the film feel as real as possible. Characters in comics, are what makes comics so appealing to fans. The same can be said for these characters.

       X-Men: Days of Future Past was similar to Godzilla, by having an extensive amount of dialogue with action sprinkled in. What separates the two, is that we care about the characters in X-Men. This is mostly due to the excellent writing in the film. Rather than making the film drag, the large amount of dialogue only further reels in the audience as it sets up for impending scenes.

       The movie also has its fair share of shock, most notably the deaths of some characters. X-Men: Days of Future Past had balls for showing the deaths of several mutants, all coming from Sentinels. While some got impaled by t-1000 style arms, others were ripped in half and beheaded. Although it made the film seem more real, comic wise, it was incredibly distressing to see fan favorites go in such a brutal way. In general, the future Sentinels were extremely terrifying, as it seemed there was no stopping them.

        With Easter eggs, loads of laughs, spectacular characters, and a captivating story, X-Men: Days of Future Past in my opinion is one of if not the best film in the franchise. The only bad thing about this film, is that the bar for the franchise has been raised tremendously. If you take TASM2 out of the equation, 2014 seems to be the strongest year in Marvel film history. Comic fans will leave the theater with a grin on their face, as the feel overwhelmed with satisfaction.



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