Star Wars: Episode VII Adds Lupita Nyong’o & Gwendoline Christie


The latest in casting proves that in J.J. Abrams continues to believe that the Star Wars universe should have more than just white males fighting in the universe. Adding Nyong’o and Christie, of 12 Years a Slave and Game of Thrones respectively to an already impressive cast brings a almost a New Hope… to the Star Wars franchise? (I’m sorry for that, very, very sorry.) Official press release after the jump.

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The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #92: Johan Miranda


Johan Miranda is a San Francisco Bay Area comedian, and as our show is from the Bay Area, of course Paul would meet him in Portland at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. Johan has performed at all the major comedy venues in the Bay Area and is growing in reputation every day. Be sure to check him out at to see when you can watch him perform live.

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