Trailer Park


Get ready Horror fans because Halloween is just a few months away. Within the last few days two trailers for Horror films “Ouija” and “Annabelle” have been released. Let’s take a closer look into these targeted October releases after the jump.


OUIJA (October 24th 2014)

Yes we are getting a horror film based off the board game. Why not? We already got a Battleship movie. Let’s keep going: Mousetrap, Candyland, Monopoly. You get the idea. The film overall looks like a quick money grab by Universal and Hasbro, knowing that middle and high schoolers will flock to see this film. What’s really scary is the fact that this isn’t the first incarnation of an Ouija film. In 2007 a Filipino studio released a Ouija film, however it turned out to be a flop. Will the same be said about Universal’s? Probably.


Annabelle (October 3rd 2014)

For those unfamiliar, Annabelle was the doll that had a minor role in the surprisingly satisfying 2013 horror film “The Conjuring”. With an overall positive response from critics and moviegoers, it comes to no shock that more of these films will continue to churn out. Although “The Conjuring 2” won’t be released until late 2015, fans can still get their fix when Annabelle makes it’s way into theaters this October. This trailer was more of a teaser as it seemed to show only the prologue of Annabelle’s story. While the film may not be as entertaining as the first, it still has the possibility to be one of the better Horror films this Halloween season. Check out the trailer below.




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