The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #155: Strictly News 05.19.2015


On this edition of Strictly News we take a look at the following:

Trailers: Jem and the Holograms, Crimson Peak, The Intern, Steve Jobs.

Squeakuel News: Shaghai 3, Underworld 5.

Remake News: The Last Starfighter, The Craft.

Random News: Jared Leto on set Joker photos, first Warcraft image.

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The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #154: Mad Max: Fury Road


Oh, what a lovely day! We take a (spoiler free!) look at George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road,starring Cody and Paul’s biggest mancrush, Tom Hardy, and their favorite womancrush, Charlize Theron. Also starring Nicholas Hoult, the newest in the Mad Max series is loud, bright, and brilliant. Checck out what else we have to say about the film! You listen… you stop… you listen again! …when our spoiler episode comes out.

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