The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #197: Trumbo



On this edition of The Screen Watchers Guild podcast, we review Trumbo, starring Bryan Cranston and featuring John Goodman in a role he does best, an absolute scene-stealer.


4 thoughts on “The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #197: Trumbo

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  1. great podcast guys. enjoyed the review and enjoyed TRUMBO.
    I also agree that Diane Lane was excellent.
    She is such an underrated and overlooked talent.
    Thanks guys!

    1. Thanks for listening! We will be posting our big 200th episode soon with our favorite movies of 2015. If you have any suggestions on other stuff we should cover or discuss, please let us know!

  2. The movie lost me with their inaccurate portrayal of Edward G. Robinson, which seems to have been done for dramatic effect (if so why not create another composite character like that played by Louis CK. Whatever he did or didn’t do in his lifetime, a quick google search will show that Edward G Robinson did NOT name names in front of the HUAC. A movie on this subject should be a LOT more careful with people’s reputations, especially when they aren’t alive to defend themselves. Here’s an article with a much more balanced history of his life.

    1. That’s disheartening, especially with the emphasis the film puts on the importance of not naming names. I can only guess they did that to stress the importance of forgiveness towards those put in a difficult situation… although like you, I wish it was a fictional person instead in that case. Thanks for listening!

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