Justice League Comic-Con Trailer Breakdown

After the damage control set visits Warner Bros. offered some of Batman v. Superman‘s toughest critics, we expected to at least see one of the clips described in said visits at Comic-Con. What we didn’t expect was a full trailer.

Below we have our trailer stills and breakdown.

vlcsnap-error011_0052_Layer 0“There is a stranger who comes to this village from the sea…”

We’re seeing Bruce travelling around the globe looking for other meta-humans. It’s interesting that Wonder Woman isn’t there with him. Later we see her in the Batcave, so maybe she’s holding down the fort and fighting the baddies in Gotham while Bruce is on his recruitment mission.

vlcsnap-error011_0051_vlcsnap-error191“He comes in the Winter when people are hungry, brings fish, comes on the King Tide…”

This is just a random old man, sure, but what it conveys is the distrust in Bruce, who has come to this village seeking out this savior of theirs. This shows the loyalty they have in Arthur Curry, as a protector of these people.

vlcsnap-error011_0050_vlcsnap-error579“That was last night.”

Ben Affleck is in the top 5 of Hollywood beards. It’s the jaw. Batman can’t have a beard so unfortunately we don’t get to see it often, but grizzled, weathered Bruce on a mission can have a beard all he likes. You go, Bruce.


Khal Drogo is pissed. Since he seems like a secretive guy, he’s probably not super happy that some random billionaire from the big city knows so much about him already. We saw how he reacts to under-water surveillance in BvS. Now there’s a face he can punch.

vlcsnap-error011“I believe that an enemy is coming…”

Of the three Mother Boxes (Amazonian, Atlantean, and human), this appears to be the Amazonian version.

vlcsnap-error011_0047_vlcsnap-error750“From far away…”

It’s being buried by… Vikings? We know they aren’t Amazonians, you know, because of the penises and everything. Not that we see penises. R-Rated Ultimate Edition, anybody?

vlcsnap-error011_0046_vlcsnap-error499“I’m looking for warriors…”

Seriously, Gal Gadot looks amazing as Wonder Woman. I like how Bruce, being as intuitive as he is, speaks to each member differently. Later we see him tell Barry Allen he’s building a ‘team’. Here, when speaking to this big barbarian looking Aquaman who obviously is a little on the angry side, he uses the term ‘warriors.’ He’s appealing to what they want to hear. That’s Bruce Wayne. It’s the little things about character that can really make a movie great.

vlcsnap-error011_0045_vlcsnap-error847“The stranger.”

Arthur Curry is a conflicted man. Caught between two worlds, unsure of his identity, and apparently looks to numb some of that pain with some alcohol. Can’t blame ya, bud.

vlcsnap-error011_0044_vlcsnap-error476I THREW IT ON THE GROUND.

vlcsnap-error011_0043_vlcsnap-error942Near… Far….. Wherever you are…

vlcsnap-error011_0042_vlcsnap-error187“Others like him.”

Barry Allen appears. No more ponytail and gross Johnny Depp beard. This is the look of Barry we are used to seeing.

vlcsnap-error011_0041_vlcsnap-error686“I’m building an alliance to defend us.”

We get to see Victor Stone pre-Robocop phase. Still rocking the jacket, still playing football, apparently in this incarnation for Gotham City University.

vlcsnap-error011_0040_vlcsnap-error559“It’s very important that I see this man.”

vlcsnap-error011_0038_vlcsnap-error044Barry loves electricity, and graffiti apparently.

vlcsnap-error011_0037_vlcsnap-error961I love that the Flashcave looks like the Batcave a bit. Monitors everywhere, dark lighting, and Bruce is going full Nick Fury here, waiting in the dark like a weirdo. Love this. You can see the flash costume on the right, hanging up like a person is wearing it, another Batcave-like feature.

vlcsnap-error011_0036_vlcsnap-error031“Barry Allen. Bruce Wayne.”

Barry downloaded the Suicide Squad screensavers. Cross-promotion, everybody!

vlcsnap-error011_0035_vlcsnap-error279“You said that like it explains why there’s a total stranger sitting in the dark…”

Barry’s snarky. This is the Barry Allen I love. As much as I like Grant Gustin’s portrayal as The Flash on the CDub, I always preferred the funnier versions of Barry Allen.

vlcsnap-error011_0034_vlcsnap-error272“In my second favorite chair.”

That’s a nice chair. I’d like to see the first favorite. Yellow/red bicycle, graffiti, and more yellow and red just everywhere. Very Smallville-esque, and I’m digging it.

vlcsnap-error011_0033_vlcsnap-error347Jokes. There are jokes.

vlcsnap-error011_0032_vlcsnap-error973“He said he’ll fight wish us?”

Okay, so Diana sees this nutjob and rightfully is surprised that Bruce said he’ll join the team. They are building a nice playful dynamic between Bruce and Diana that we started to see in BvS.

vlcsnap-error011_0031_vlcsnap-error474“More or less.”

Is this the Batcave, or some Wonder Woman lair? I can’t tell from this angle. Dark lighting, monitors with blue text and graphics… everyone has a similar outlook on headquarters.

vlcsnap-error011_0030_vlcsnap-error538“More MORE, or more LESS?”

vlcsnap-error011_0029_vlcsnap-error561PEOPLE ARE SMILING IN THIS MOVIE.

vlcsnap-error011_0028_vlcsnap-error880vlcsnap-error011_0027_vlcsnap-error557vlcsnap-error011_0026_vlcsnap-error970Well, some people.

vlcsnap-error011_0025_vlcsnap-error617“Probable more LESS.”
“He said no.”
“He said no.”

Banter, dialogue, things we wanted to see in a superhero movie that BvS or MoS didn’t give us. Don’t get me wrong, I love MoS actually, and I actually didn’t hate BvS, and I liked the Ultimate Edition of it, but I wanted more scenes like this. Not going full Marvel quip territory, but I feel like this banter between them is true with the characters, where Barry Allen can make jokes, because that’s who he is.

vlcsnap-error011_0023_vlcsnap-error756“Look man, I don’t know who you are, but whoever you’re looking for…”

Okay, it’s crazy that a reporter like Clark Kent didn’t recognize Bruce Wayne in BvS. It’s also crazy that after hearing his name, Barry doesn’t know either. Even if I didn’t know what Richard Branson or Elon Musk looked like, I’d recognize their names.

vlcsnap-error011_0022_vlcsnap-error631Bruce Wayne is man who is sure of himself. What if this was the Flash’s roommate, and Bruce just killed a guy? Nah, he’s sure. He saw that video.

vlcsnap-error011_0021_vlcsnap-error175We know from the set visit details that his suit helps him harness the electricity around him caused by the Speed Force. Here when using his powers without it, we see the field around him and what it causes.

vlcsnap-error011_0018_vlcsnap-error179That looks like a bat symbol.

vlcsnap-error011_0017_vlcsnap-error280Oh, it’s Batman. That explains the ‘sitting’ in the dark routine.

vlcsnap-error011_0015_vlcsnap-error227“So you’re fast.”
“That feels like an over-simplification.”
“I’m putting together a team, people with special abilities. You see I believe enemies are coming…”

vlcsnap-error011_0014_vlcsnap-error851“Stop right there. I’m in.”
“You are? Just like that?”
“Yeah I, uh, I need friends.”



vlcsnap-error011_0012_vlcsnap-error167“Can I keep this?”

So. Perfect. I’m really liking Ezra Miller as Barry Allen.

vlcsnap-error01ff1We see the Batman suit again. Not much has changed on it since BvS. Same as Wonder Woman, although the colors are popping a bit more on WW. Unusual with a franchise superhero film, as they just love to sell toys. Not sure on this location, but he’s dropping out of something, maybe this new spider-like vehicle, or the Batwing?


vlcsnap-error011_0010_vlcsnap-error393Our first look at Cyborg. He’s mostly CGI, as the actor reportedly wore the silly suit with a just the blue and red lights for lighting purposes. I gotta say, he looks great. Definitely better than that TV level CGI we saw in the short BvS clip.

vlcsnap-error011_0009_vlcsnap-error571The Flash costume finally revealed. First, a close-up on the cowl…

vlcsnap-error011_0008_vlcsnap-error653Then the full body shot. Some people aren’t liking it, but I’m really digging the sleek look of it. It’ll look great standing next to the bulk of Batman/Superman, and the tall, regal look of Wonder Woman. Also, it’s so red!

vlcsnap-error011_0007_vlcsnap-error999Speed force, y’all.

vlcsnap-error011_0006_vlcsnap-error050Winter is coming.

vlcsnap-error011_0005_vlcsnap-error566No spoiler image in this trailer. For BvS we saw the Trinity standing together in the money shot, which really annoyed people, me included. Here we just see the League (sans-Superman) from behind.

vlcsnap-error011_0004_vlcsnap-error962“I heard about you. Didn’t think you were real.”

Perpetuating the Batman myth of this world. Carrying on with what they set up in BvS.

vlcsnap-error011_0003_vlcsnap-error408“I’m real when it’s useful.”

Batman only shows you Batman when he needs to.

vlcsnap-error011_0002_vlcsnap-error493No fancy graphic work this time around, just the title. Simple. No colon, no Dawn of Darkseid, nothing.

vlcsnap-error011_0001_vlcsnap-error067“Arthur Curry. I hear you can talk to fish.”

I wonder if they’re playing on the DC Rebirth Aquaman, where he’s a mystery, and the meta-joke they put in is that the average person makes fun of him and says all he can do is talk to fish. Arthur isn’t amused.

vlcsnap-error011_0000_vlcsnap-error743Oh, you smug bastard, Bruce.


But tell us, what did you think of this trailer? Is the DC Universe about to win the hearts of the average movie-goer? We’ll be discussing this trailer on more on Monday’s episode of Strictly News, right here on The Screen Watchers Guild podcast!

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