2016 Movie A Day #1: Concussion



For 2016, Paul has decided to boldly do more of what he normally does. 1 movie a day, with a short review. Isn’t it exciting? No? Well, why don’t YOU go watch a movie a day.

The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #185: Strictly News 11.18.2015




We take a look at some trailers and other news in the movie world!

Box Office Discussion

Gods of Egypt Trailer

The Hunstman: Winter’s War Trailer

Zoolander 2 Trailer

Pierce Brosnan talks Spectre

Val Kilmer talks Top Gun 2

Ewan McGregor talks James Bond

New X-Men film to begin filming in 2017

Fast and Furious spin-offs and sequels

Memento Remake in the Works

Alien: Covenant announced as new title of Paradise Lost

George Lucas talks Star Wars

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