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The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #308: 2017 Summer Movie Preview



The Summer wind came blowing in, along with some blockbusters and indie darlings. This week we preview the upcoming season with our 2017 Summer Movie Preview!

(00:00:00) Intro
(00:01:40) Top 10 Most Anticipated Summer Films
(00:42:16) Honorable Mentions
(00:54:15) 5 Least Anticipated Summer Films


The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #284: 2017 Movie Preview



On this special episode of The Screen Watchers Guild, we are joined once again by Ikaika Shiveley to kick off the New Year with our 2017 Movie Preview! We also look back on who won the 2016 Box Office Draft, and select our films for the 2017 Draft.

(00:00:00) Intro
(00:01:16) 2016 Box Office Draft Results
(00:07:21) 2017 Movie Preview
(01:49:39) 2017 Box Office Draft

The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #218: 2016 Summer Movie Preview



On this very special episode of The Screen Watchers Guild, Paul & Cody go over the Summer movie season in depth.

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:03 May Films
00:19:57 June Films
00:45:10 July Films
01:12:29 August Films
01:29:12 Closing Thoughts

The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #199: 2016 Movie Preview



We preview all the big films of 2016 and have our Box Office Draft! (Full disclosure, we taped this a couple of weeks ago, so some things we say might be outdated in regards to Star Wars box office.)

The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #170: 2015 Fall Movie Preview



In this jam-packed episode of the Screen Watchers Guild, Cody and Paul go over all the major (and some not-so-major) releases of the rest of 2015!

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San Diego Comic-Con 2015: What We Can’t Wait For


Somewhere, a man feverishly polishes his custom made “chrome trooper” helmet. In New Jersey, Kevin Smith finishes ironing another one of his custom oversized hockey jersey’s. And in southern California, the San Diego Convention Center custodial staff prepare for the wretched hive of stink and villainy that is the men’s bathroom during the biggest pop culture celebration of the year. Yes, if you didn’t realize it by now, it’s Comic-Con week.

While we here at The Screen Watcher Guild won’t be attending this time around, we’ll be eating up any info or grainy bootleg Hall H video we can get our greasy palms on. If you are going, lucky you! You get to experience the wonders of waiting two hours for exclusive overpriced merch and waiting 10 hours to be turned away from Hall H.

In all honesty, Comic-Con is a ton of fun, but you have to be willing to wait and willing to sacrifice. That’s especially true at the Con’s legendary Hall H, where this year they’ll be handing out wristbands to guarantee people a chance to see some of the Con’s biggest panels, a much needed change. Still, if you want to get into Hall H, be prepared to line up the night before to get choice seats.

If getting into Hall H proves too stressful, there’s still a TON of stuff to explore on the show floor plus plenty of smaller and more intimate panels to sit in on. Let’s take a look at some of the most high profile panels we’re looking forward too, plus some smaller panels to peep if Hall H just a’int your thing. (more…)

The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #150: 2015 Summer Movie Preview


150 Episodes folks! We go over the Summer’s films in detail, as well as some recent trailers released for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens.

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The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #82: Summer Movie Preview


Paul and Cody take a look at the Summer’s biggest movies, as well as some lesser-known possible surprise films. This is our 2014 Summer Movie Preview.

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