The Screen Watchers Guild Podcast #330: Logan Lucky



We’re up all night to get Logan Lucky.

(00:00:00) Intro
(00:01:36) Film Discussion
(00:27:01) Final Rating
(00:29:41) Film Recommendations


Channing Tatum Cast as Gambit


It looks like Channing Tatum has been cast as Gambit for a future X-Men movie, and possibly a stand-alone Gambit film. While it has been said that the reason the Marvel films work so well is because of the superb casting, Fox and their treatment of the X-men/Fantastic Four has not exactly been perfect. I like Tatum. I really do, but he does not strike me as the Gambit type. I feel like he’d have to drop a bunch of muscle and who knows if he can pull off the Cajun accent. Check out the announcement from Laren Shuler Donner (who seems to be doing her best ‘I’m a fan of comic books, too!’ impression) at TotalFilm after the jump.

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